Vision and Mission





"Roshan Lal Daipuriya Sikhsha Prisar Samiti  a registered trust whose mission for this RLD College was to provide social & community service for the continuous development of an individual as a trained nurse & as a good citizen, capable of functioning effectively in the hospital as well as in the community."

  • Serving the humanity.
  • To prepare the teachers capable of responding to the global social demands and meeting the challenges in Education.
  • To rejuvenate the teaching- learning process with ICT and value imbedded education in the context of modernization and social change.
  • To address to the ever emerging issues and problems of school and teacher education and discover the remedial measures.
  • To ensure the contribution of all stakeholders in the all pervasive sustainable development of the society.






"The overall goal is to prepare qualified professional nurses in order to meet the demand of nurses at local, state, national & international levels while assuming responsibility in promoting. preventing & curative care of the people."